Field Trips and Tours - Pre-Conference on Thursday May 10th

Tour Date Cancelled - No Power in the Building This Date. Please re-book with Helen @ for either Sunday May 13 or Tuesday May 15.

1:15 pm: Museum of Vancouver: Behind-the-Scenes tour, Curator-led (preregister $12)

(repeated on Sunday May 13 & Tuesday May 15)

Meet your tour guides at 1:15 pm at the entrance to the Museum of Vancouver. 

Transit and Driving Directions at

Tour Length: The behind-the-scenes tour is 1.5 hours long. Your fee includes museum admission so plan extra time before and after your experience to explore and enjoy the museum at your own pace.  

Tour Description: Ever wonder how a museum exhibition is developed? Does goal supersede content or content shape goal? Where do topic ideas come from? What can be achieved with an exhibition? Here is your opportunity to learn about the process behind a co-production between Nature Vancouver and the Museum of Vancouver (MOV) entitled: Wild Things: The Power of Nature in Our Lives. Join Museum of Vancouver Curator, Viviane Gosselin, Co-curator Lee Beavington, and Nature Vancouver member Elena Klein, on a look at the inner workings of the exhibition and of the museum itself. Included in the tour will be a look at the MOV collections. Wild Things: The Power of Nature in Our Lives will open to the public on June 27, 2018. Our behind-the-scenes tour will see the exhibition in development. 

About the Tour Guides

Viviane Gosselin is a museum curator and researcher. She is passionate about urbanity, material culture, and the changing role of museums. Viviane is Curator of Contemporary Culture and Director of Collections and Exhibitions at the Museum of Vancouver. In her work, she seeks to expand the museum’s role as city resource, cultural hub, laboratory and catalyst for learning, social interactions and civic engagement. Viviane serves on the boards of ICOM-Canada (the national body of the International Council of Museums). She is the author of several publications and co-editor of the Museums and the Past: Constructing Historical Consciousness (UBC Press). She led several exhibition projects that received national and international recognition by the Canadian Museum Association, Canadian Historical Association, the Governor General, and the American Anthropological Association. 

Lee Beavington is a SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) scholar and doctoral candidate in Philosophy of Education at SFU. He is also an author, photographer, and instructor for Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Amazon Field School, and teaches Ecology, Genetics, and Marine Biology in the lab and field. As well, he recently co-designed a new course, highlighted by Maclean’s magazine, called Creativity, Ecology and Nature Experience. His interdisciplinary research explores wonder in science education, arts-based learning, and nature as teacher. Find Lee reflecting in the forest, mesmerized by ferns, and always following the river. More about Lee at: Lee was the recipient of the 2016 Nature Vancouver scholarship. 

Elena Klein is a former Nature Vancouver director, corporate instructor, hiker and nature enthusiast. She and Bev Ramey, form the MOV exhibit committee with the vital support of many volunteers. She obtained a Master of Science in Plant Ecology, in 1995, at the University of Alberta. During the nine years she worked in research she spent a lot of time nearly alone in the forest and bush. Elena cherishes the restorative qualities of being in nature and is inspired by gentle people quietly doing good things. 

1:30 pm: Beaty Biodiversity Museum:  Behind-the-Scenes tour, Curator-led  

(preregister $20) 

Meet your tour guides at 1:30 pm at the entrance desk inside Beaty Biodiversity Museum, within sight of the Blue Whale.  Directions and more about the museum at: 

Tour Length: The behind-the-scenes tour is 1.5 hr long. Your fee includes museum admission so plan extra time before and after your experience to explore and enjoy the museum at your own pace. 

Description: Behind the collection cabinets and doors of the Beaty Museum are the people and specimens that make it tick. Unveil the stories and processes that support the museum, and get behind-the-scenes access with a curator.  You are invited to select either the Herbarium or Spencer Entomological Collection and experience a collections-specific tour with a curator showcasing their area of expertise.  

Linda Jennings is the Herbarium Manager, Assistant Curator Vascular Plants & Algae Collection. See description of Herbarium and links to its online collection at: 

Karen Needham is the Assistant Curator, Spencer Entomological Collection. See description and link to online collection: 

Questions? or call Helen Aqua @ 604-787-4883

or Bev Ramey 604-224-7689